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Re: [IP] Re First HbA1C since going on the puump & Insurance Co

> I have been unable to claim even my pump
> supplies from them because they expect me to claim from Aetna first
> and Aetna just said that they would not pay for the pump but didn't
> even answer my question regarding the pump supplies.
Submit the claim, do not ask. They then must process the claim and 
either pay it or deny it. At which point you can start appeals, 
contact the insurance commissioner, etc....

>  I have asked
> them for an answer on the pump supplies but they have not got back
> to me yet.  I am worried that if Aetna refuses to cover my pump
> supplies, then Great Western Life will use that as an excuse not to
> follow through with their verbal assurance that they would pay 70%
> of my pump supplies either.  I have to put on my insurance forms
looking for an easy way out by trying to intimidate you with 
bulls--t. Ignor it. Submit your claim and get the results. It's their 
job to collect co-insurance, etc.... by contacting you and the other 
company. You don't have to help them more than answering how much you 
received in reimbursement if anything.

The premiums came out of your employment dollars. You are entitled to 
the benefits. Don't be bashful. Keep us posted.
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