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[IP] retinopathy question


I was told not to fly in an unpressurized cabin, for it could cause a bleed.
After a major blow out the doctor said it wouldn't have mattered if I flew
back on the plane or not.  The damage was already done.

WRONG!  Even with the aircraft is pressurized there is no guarantee.
(Turbulence can also be a factor).  Remember what happens to you ears when
you fly?  Well you eyes go through the same thing.

My stepsister is also a diabetic called to tell me she was going on a trip
and asked if it would be okay to fly if she was starting to see spots in her
eyes a few days before.  I warned her that there was a slim chance that she
could suffer a hemorrhage.  She called he doctor and he told her the soonest
he could see her was after her trip.  She decided to take the flight anyway
and sure enough as they got to about 13,000 feet she had a major bleed.  She
called me the following day scared to death.  She has lost quite a bit of
vision in that eye now.

My advice to you is to see your doctor first.  Tell them that you had a
hemorrhage when you call, and you will be flying soon.  Tell them you would
like a call from the doctor about flying, even if he cannot see you, chances
are he will see before you get on that plane.  Only he can make a decision
about you flying or not and the risk involved.  If he refuses to see you
promptly, find another doctor.


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