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Re: [IP] BC/BS

> We have BC/BS of IL and have many problems with them. One problem we
> have is my husband's company is in IL and we live in MN, they keep
> telling us to use our prescription card that only works in IL.,  we
> have been told all kinds of thing from them,. They will not pay for
> our doctors bills b/c no matter how the bill are sent to them, they
> say it is the wrong way. We always have to get involved in this
> matter to get it settled. We finally got our doctor bills from 1998
> settled. As far as the prescriptions are concerned .....

Call the office of the Medical Director for BC/BS in both states and 
talk to them. Tell them the problem. Be nice, but point out that if 
the matter is not resolved in the next 30 days that you will be 
taking it to the insurance commissioners office. The folks in the MD 
office are quite capable of moving mountains if necessary. I'm sure 
you will be able to resolve the problem.

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