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[IP] Paul/stinging /bolus spelling etc

I am reposting this entire message because my question pertains directly to
it:  this is for anyone too, not just Paul:
1. The most I have ever taken for a bolus at a meal, is 4 units.  Am I the
odd man/woman out here?  It seems like everyone is always talking about a
high # bolus for a meal, and I eat my normal 1400 calorie diet, and I never
seem to take more than 3 at a meal, at most 4 units.  My insulin to carb
ratio is about 1:15, but it depends also on the food.  ie-potato=1 unit for
the whole gosh darn thing.  pasta=1 unit for every 15 grams cho.  etc etc.
2.  Boli???  for plural of bolus. bolusses, bolus's, etc?  <vbg>  (Aren't we
smart today?  Blood sugar has not been above 74 ALL day and I ate like a
piglet too!, feeling the effects finally, getting silly, sorry! :)

From: "Whitaker, Paul" <email @ redacted>
Subject: RE: [IP] Paul/stinging bolus

Hi Lori,

For most meals I bolus anywhere between 10 and 17 units. It has only been
this once I have experienced stinging, but if it happens again, then rather
than change the set, I'll split the bolus up as you suggest.


PS    Anyone out there know what the correct form of bolus in the plural
I guess we have a choice of bolus', boluss, bolus's and boluses

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