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[IP] a carb is a carb is a carb

Ruth wrote:

> questioning whether alot of the pumpers were following a
> mostly low carb eating regimens....if you all were to eat mostly 
> meats, veggies and fruits that your control would be better.  

veggies and fruit are nothing but carb...no protein or fat in them to slow 
down the absorptoin of the sugars.  A high protein diet may help you lose 
weight, but it is not a very healthy way to eat, IN MY OPINION.  The average 
adult brain requires approx 150 grams of CHO merely to function.  If you 
don't eat it, (either cuz you are on a lose weight diet, or a special diet), 
the body will seek it out from other sources and you will start to literally 
"eat" yourself. 

This is called starvation ketosis.  You can have perfectly wonderful blood 
sugars, but will have high ketones in your urine, as your body starts to burn 
fats, muscle and organ tissue in search of fuel. THis is why it is sometimes 
OK to let them use the dextrose drip in your IV when you are in the hospital. 
 If you are not eating, that little dextrose drip will keep your brain going 
(remember that is you have any surgery planned)

The best diet, IN MY OPINION, is a well rounded one...one with complex carbs 
like beans, whole grain breads, cereals...lean proteins...LOTS of fruits and 
vegetables (the benefit of the vitamins probably outweights the negatives of 
the carbs) and of course, a little cotton candy now and then.  And eat your 
fruit, don't drink it, or you will really get the sugar rush!

yeah yeah yeah...easy to write and read isn't it...try LIVING that way!!!!  

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