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[IP] retinopathy question

Hi Diana

Sorry to hear about your new bleed...Why can't you even speak to your eye 
doc?  Can you at least speak to the nurse?  A receptionist can't answer 
questions, but the nurse should be able to.  First of all don't panic...I 
have had lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of bleeds, and never once 
have I been advised to not fly.  Avoid head- board banging sex, yes, flying 

The pressure on the INSIDE of your body is not affected by flying..unless you 
are flying in an unpressurized air craft.  You also wouldn't want to fly if 
you had had a gas bubble injected into your eye, say for a detached retina, 
but mere bleeds shouldn't cause a worry.  I suggest you call ANOTHER eye 
doctor for confirmation to alleviate your fears.  Your blood pressue being 
elevated by worry can cause bleeds...stay calm...(yah right...easy to 
say...but remember, I am typing this with one eye myself!)

(cc: sent directly to Diana)
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