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Re: [IP] My first HbA1C Blue Cross / Blue Shield


BC/BS paid for my pump and all of it's supplies.  They have too.  I know plans are different but I have a feeling they're up to their old tricks.  Blue Crap / Blue Shit as I so fondly refer to them put me through living hell, just not for the pump but near everything.  I have never dealt with such a lying group of individuals that I felt will try to screw you in any way they can.  I know for others their a great insurance but it sure sounds like you're experiencing what I am experiencing.  They told both me and D that
they would pay for pump and supplies.  So I get the pump etc. and then two months later oh, sorry but we never said that.  Well fortunately for me this time I had D as a witness and BC/BS forgot they had given it to us in writing.  I couldn't take the trauma of dealing with them any longer so I got on my husband plan.  Anyway, pump supplies fall under DME and therefore should be paid.  They do not fall under prescription.  Both on BC/BS and my current insurance the supplies fall under DME.  When I was on a pump 15 years
ago, the same thing.  Fight it!  Call your insurance commissioner.  Don't let them do this to you.  If you want copies of any of my letters, please feel free to email me privately.

Best of luck to you,
Fran in AZ

ps.  Get your pump company to help you too.  They know all they in's and out's.

>  considered DME's and not a prescription item.  Have you dealt with this at all?  Is there anyway to fight this?  I will have to pay $500 out of pocket every year, until I get

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