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[IP] popcorn can be deceiving

Gwenn wrote:

>  I have yet to figure out how to bolus for that delicious stuff.  
> I go to bed normal then wake up in the middle of the night very high.  
> ...bolus...When I get up in the AM I am high ...this is my popcorn 
> popped in a little olive oil and some cheddar cheese shake on it. 

I think for movie popcorn it has to do with the butter oil they put on it, 
and for you, it is the olive oil and cheese.  Olive oil, even though it is 
better for you than, say, butter, still has fat.  And it is fat the screws up 
our bolus calculations.  

As we all know, plain old air popped popcorn has almost no calories. 3 CUPS 
of it (popped) only has 15 carbs...When you add buttter and cheese, you are 
not adding carbs, just fat...and the fat has an affect on those measely 15 
carbs...i guess it is almost like eating pizza...you have to bolus for part 
of the carb, and then split or square wave the rest?

If you are just eating boring old air popped popcorn, then it is easy to 
figure out.  As a suggestion, and a sinful one at that, I used to VERY 
lighlty mist my popcorn as it came out of hte popper with my plant mister, 
then sprinkle cinnamon sugar on it...sugar is easier to bolus for than butter 
and doesn't make you fat!!!  I learned this trick in college...you know late 
night study sessions and the nearest 7-11 is a mile away and your car is a 
mile in the other direction and you have no change for the candy 
machine...(just a hint for Elissa P. who is off to college soon!!)

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