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RE: [IP] Reply to Susan

Thanks for the restaurant info.  I will have to try the Greek food on my
next trip.  I do know where Milsaps College is located.  Seems it is close
to where some of the larger hospitals are located.  Baptist is one of my
customers.  Also Clinical Pathology laboratory.

Patience in not my strong suit so I felt I had to wait forever, but much of
the wait was my fault.  I had trouble putting two weeks together where I
would be home the entire time and they refused to let me start unless I
committed to two weeks at home.  As it turns out, I have now been at home
for three weeks and am grateful they were stubborn about that requirement.
All of my basals seem to be fine tuned and would have been much more
difficult if many variables were present.

Look forward to seeing how you do.  Wish I had started the pump when I was
in college.  Life would have been much easier.  I was diagnosed as a senior
in college.  Got my first F in Chemistry due to lack of concentration skills
with glucose in 300 range until we got things taken care of.  Good Luck.
Maybe we can get together for some carb counting next time I'm in Jackson
and you have started pumping.

Love your belle of dixie address.


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