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Re: [IP] inserting a sill.

> several people have recommended icing the site with baggie/ice cubes or
> using emla.
> geneva was all set to try  ..sans ice...but at last minute decided she could
> not do it.

I'd say skip the ice and emla. I found that if you get a good site, the
sil will go in painlessly, a bad site and it hurts pretty bad. I'd rather
know in the first 10 minutes if the site is going to bother me than wait
for the emla or ice to wear off.

> > would like to try
> > the sills.  Anything else I should know?

I had the same questions :)

I first put the sil in at about a 40 degree angle, bad idea. I use about a
10 to 15 degree angle and haven't had any problems other than hitting
muscle twice (OUCH!).


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