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Re: [IP] Want to find a new endocrinologist for 8 yr old - Matthew

Hello Jim and Carol, today is my first day as a member. My son Matt who is 
10yrs old isn't even pumping yet, but we are starting the process.  We deal 
with CHOP , Children's Hospital of Philadelphia who also have a clinic office 
right in Voorhees!  We were told that the "better" age for pumping was around 
13 too, however , our endo also said he was working toward pump therapy.  
They are going to be for our decision to get the pump now, i'm sure!  We are 
scheduled for our visit in Sept.  You may want to give the office a 
call.....if this isn't the endo your already going too!  Please let me know 
and i'll get you more info if your interested.

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