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Re: [IP] more nighttime basal help!

> and her temp rate is decided based on activity that day, or if she
> ate a high fat food? etc?
> what might that range be for lily  YMMV?
If it is still too close to dinner, we will let her go up. With 
dinner basal working, the temp rate does not seem to be needed, that 
is the exception rather than the rule. She sometimes eats late .. 8 
or 9 then goes to bed a couple of hours later. When she was younger, 
we adjust her rate up and down 0.1u/hr for each 10 points her bg's 
were above or below bedtime target in addition to any high bg bolus 
if she were high. This was the last couple of years, I don't know 
what she does at the moment, she has pretty much taken over her own 
management. If she were below 75, no temp rate was initiated. You'll 
have to figure out the details as I imagine there will be 
differences. I was always nervous about the big jump in insulin 
intake, but it always worked ??? what can I say? We actually worked 
on profiling the bed time - go to sleep basal / bg rise for a couple 
of months, as I recall. I found it hard to believe the apparent jump 
in basal requirements when she went to sleep. It was real and the 
technique works for Lily. You certainly want to document your 
daughter's basal requirements carefully. Experimenting in the "dark", 
so-to-speak, could result in undesirable outcome if you inadvertently 
over do it. I found it very difficult to be agressive, but eventually 
did so with good results. YMMV!

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