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Re: [IP] My first HbA1C since going on th epump

I just went on the pump recently and I have Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  They covered the pump after I reached my deductible and my out of pocket expenses, but we also have a prescription plan that they say cannot be used, because the pump supplies are considered DME's and not a prescription item.  Have you dealt with this at all?  Is there anyway to fight this?  I will have to pay $500 out of pocket every year, until I get the supplies covered. i guess that really isn't a lot, but every little bit helps. Thanks, Beth

>>> "Michael" <email @ redacted> 08/18 2:35 PM >>>
> The insurance company says they will consider it if my doctor
> writess that it is a medical necessity.  I'm not sure what that
> means in my case.

The really don't want to see a letter of medical necessity since then 
the MUST pay for the pump. So.... get a sample letter from your pump 
company and give it to your doc to help him draft one for you.


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