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Re: [IP] more nighttime basal help!

> michael,
> bear with me one more time as I need to try lily's method of setting
> a temp. basal when she falls asleep.
> I know you said that she keeps a normal afternoon/eve basal.
> how long does she run the temp. basal?  is it for just a few hours
> when she is in REM?

She runs it so it overlaps her "real" night time basal which is 
currently 1.1u/hr and starts at 1:00 am

> so I am going to try your method here. but I needed to know the
> specifics.
> geneva goes to bed around 9 and goes into deep sleep soon after. 
> sleeps heavily through midnight as that is when I see her levels
> really rise. then, by midnight she starts to go down.

Lily's "real" night time rate is set to start at 1:00 am because it 
is really rare that she is up later than 1:00 except for sleep 
overs.... then she sets a temp rate that is lower until she hits the 
sack. She usually goes to bed between 10:30 and 12:00.

The objective is to delay the onset of basal until it is needed. 
Lily's night time basal requirements seem fairly stable without 
regard to the time of onset.
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