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[IP] more nighttime basal help!

bear with me one more time as I need to try lily's method of setting a temp.
basal when she falls asleep.

I know you said that she keeps a normal afternoon/eve basal.
how long does she run the temp. basal?  is it for just a few hours when she
is in REM?

last night geneva had someone spend night and they did not fall asleep until
around 11pm.  by 10:30...she plummeted to 76 and this screwed up my whole
plan of having 8-12 PM of 1.3 when she normally runs HIGH !  had to treat as
she was nervous about going lower.  I checked her at midnight and sure
enough she was creeping up past the level that her 10 cho should have raised
her.  usally at midnight she goes down.

so I am going to try your method here. but I needed to know the specifics.

geneva goes to bed around 9 and goes into deep sleep soon after.  sleeps
heavily through midnight as that is when I see her levels really rise. then,
by midnight she starts to go down.

from 4PM- 8 PM,  0.5  basal seems to do the trick.
should we go up to 0.7 or 0.8 while she is awake and then set temp. basal at
1.2 for two hours of deep sleep. ?  this would be a guess...maybe three

once again..thanks so much for your patience and knowledge.  I am really
having trouble  with this night time phenomenon.

ruth and geneva

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