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[IP] My first HbA1C since going on th epump

It has only been approximately 2.5 months since I went on the pump and my
HbA1C has dropped from 7.9 to 7.0.  I was hoping for a bit more of a drop
but I think this is still statistically relevant, and I am hoping to do
better now that I have gone through some of the learning curve.  Perhaps
more importantly for me is the fact that I do not have such huge swings in
BG.  Those swings always affected my eyesight so that I was starting to
feel like the cartoon character "Mr Magoo" who was always peering near
sightedly at everything.  Also I haven't had an attack of neuralgia since I
went on the pump whereas before I would get shooting pains in my face after
a series of BG swings.  My energy levels are much more consistent also.
Before I used to feel as if my blood had turned to molasses when my BG was
high and the usual sweaty/pounding heart/sick to my stomach feeling when it
was too low.  
I am still trying to get my insurance company to help me out and I wondered
if anyone could give me some advice.  I was hoping to show a greater drop
in my HbA1C in order to justify the pump but in any case my readings were
never that high.  The insurance company says they will consider it if my
doctor writess that it is a medical necessity.  I'm not sure what that
means in my case.  I wont DIE if I don't have it, but I fell it is a lot
more that a "convenience' which is how they view it.  Has anyone else
argued successfully that the pump is a 'medical necessity' when their
HbA1C's were in my range?  Thanks. 

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