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Re: [IP] Baskin Robbins Ice cream

> Yes,  they can give carb counts at Baskin Robbins!  I asked one day,
>  & the girl behind the counter handed me a HUGE 3 ring binder full
> of all kinds of paper work.  

Most ice cream (not low-fat or sherbet) has pretty close to the same 
carb count. At B&R, the biggest problem is they tend to give you a 
bigger scoop than a "standard" serving so it is necessary to ask them 
to weigh the scoop -- or you can guess. The sauces they use are 
pretty standard helpings since the use either a pump or ladle (sp) 
which gives a standard measure. From memory, Lily's double scoop hot 
fudge sundae is 65 grams (I could be off a bit on this).

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