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[IP] wish me luck!!!!

well, this morning i determined that the source of most of my bg problems
is from the dawn phenomena, which will be correctable with a pump, but not
with much else....  and i get to go to my endocronologist this afternoon
with this info in hand....  now i just have to convince her, that i'm
right, and we should do this ASAP!!!!!  i'm so glad to know that this
isn't my fault, or anything that i'm doing wrong....  (for two days now,
i've woken up (pretty naturally around two in the morning) and checked my
blood sugar, which was always (if anything) on the low side of my target
range...  then when i would get up five-six hours later, it's in the three
hundreds... (UGH!!!))  maybe soon i'll be pumping and feeling oh so much
better.....  wish me luck!


Jessica Elena Marder
email @ redacted

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