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[IP] RE:Converting from Ounces to Grams

On : Wed, 18 Aug 1999 09:36Compell, Ellen A, wrote:

>>This AM I am having two left-over pancakes from IHOP.
According to the Stop the Rollercoaster guide in the back, Prepared pancakes
have a value of .44 per gram.  From the research I have done, it seems like
there are 28.3 grams in one ounce.  Based on that, 5.5 ounces of pancakes is
155 grams (5.5 * 28.3).  So the two pancakes are a total of about 68 grams
of carbohydrates (155 * .44).  Does that sound right?  I didn't think a
pancake was over 30 grams a piece!>>

Ellen, your math looks to be sound and that sounds way high. I don't have
numbers on IHOP but my homemade pancakes which are big and fruity :) are
17.7 grams of CHO without the fruit and hover around 20 grams of CHO when
I've put the fruit in. Is the IHOP calculation possibly made with the syrup
on, and that would be regular syrup? On my stack of 3 pancakes I slather 1/4
cup of dietetic syrup (12 grams of CHO, and the only "diet" item I use in
this meal) a 4 grams of powdered sugar (that's about a tablespoonful and it
since sugar is a one-to-one correspondence, 4 grams of powdered sugar = 4
grams of CHO). So my whole gut busting meal would come to 76 grams of carb.
Yes, their pancakes could be fatter, but I doubt it. and a pancake is made
of flour, baking powder, salt, granulated sugar (a tablespoonful in a batch
of six), egg, milk and oil, and possibly spices or vanilla.

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