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Re: [IP] humalog at room temp

At 10:13 PM 8/17/1999 , you wrote:
>so does everyone keep the vial in fridge until ready to do site change?
>or can i keep the vial in my drawer for one month?
> > Humalog really needs to be kept refrigerated except when it's in
> > the pump syringe so that it will last for more than 2.5 days.

Hmmm mine has lasted allot longer than 2.5 days.  I have kept the humolong 
out for a month without it loosing anything I have also had the pump and 
insulin in 100+ to 110+ weather for hours at a time without it 
changing.  So I think this is not true for everyone.

I would see if it works for you and if it does great  and if not I would 
still say you can warm your insulin for several hour to a day before you 
need it..   it never hurts to try.

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