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Re: [IP] Re: cotton candy, carbs are not necessarily . . .

Whew, this sticky topic just won't go away :-)
Gianna, did you mean what you said?  Cotton candy is, except for a little
food coloring, 100% sugar, nothing more, nothing less.  Exactly the same as
eating a sugar cube.  Watch it being made sometime--it's just spun sucrose.

	Having reread and reconsidered Jane's comment, I think it now seems
more appropriate to email to my healthy 15 year old daughter, except now
just changing "cotton candy' to sex

<<<<<<Therefore, if you ate something that wasn't pure sugar (i.e. cotton
it would be absorbed more slowly and the insulin would have more chance to
work before causing a really high bg. whereas pure sugar would make the bg
go up higher . . .i don't know.  I still think that treats are cool
sometimes . . :)  ---wishing you all great blood sugars!!! --Gianna>>>>>>>>

><< Other than you're talking about your life, or that of someone you love,
>  maybe more than yourselves?????  One minute of pleasure?  For what?  You
>(or ANY kid can't live without ...................
>   >  Jane >>

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