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Susan S.,
Ah!  We love the Iron Horse Grill around here -- it's a favorite.  I'll have
to ask about info on carbs now that I'm fixing to begin the life of a
pumper.  I actually go to school very near downtown.  Millsaps College --
maybe you are familiar with it since you are in Jackson often.  Just thought
I'd tell you that if you like Greek food, give Keifer's a try.  It, too, is
on the downtown side of Jackson and they have fabulous gyros and grilled
chicken salads.  I took from your email that I should probably be happy with
the speed and ease in which I got my pump and am starting up.  My doc appt.
was the first of July and I'm going live tomorrow, so all in
all...........that's not too bad!  I've been terribly impatient.  Just
thought I'd say hello -- Carrie

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