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Re: [IP] Re (IP) how much of a rise

I agree with you Gianna.  I wonder where Barbara got her info, but she is a
nurse and must be basing it on something in clinical practise.   But from
lots of people I talk to these days, someone with a post prandial peak of
180 might be considered someone to watch for diabetes.  I think most
normals will rarely if ever peak above 140.  Easy enough for you to try it
with some volunteer friends *S*

<<<<<wow.  I have read lots of things that say that nondiabetic people
rarely if
ever go above 140 even after a high carb meal.  --Gianna>>>>>>>

>Yes, YMMV, but it is not unusual for a person without DM to rise to 180 2
>hours after a meal (depending on the meal content and BG before the meal).
>The same may apply to you. Some endo's do not want you to go above 160 post
>meal. A 30 to 50 point rise after a meal is not unsusual.
>Barbara B.

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