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[IP] Want to find a new endocrinologist for 8 yr old - Matthew

Matthew is 8 years old and was diagnosed in March 1997 with type I.
His current doctor is using  REG and NPH insulin.  He has been experiencing a lot of high BG readings in the first AM test (sometimes over 250 BG), at times with small to moderate ketones (we have tested him during the night and have found him hitting with a BG of 45-60 and then by morning he rebounded to the high 200 to 350 range.  He also has been having high readings at other times during the day.  He has also been having low BG (30) during the day as a result of the high from the prior night. 
Since he was diagnosed, he has been unstable with his BG reading.  This past summer he has worse and we have been testing 6+ times during the day, and then over two readings each night.   We have kept in contact with his Endo, that has not been too helpful with what to do.
Our current doctor is not for the pump until he is at least 13.  Would you know of any doctor that might be supportive of the pump or have some alternates that we can do. 
We do keep a log of his readings and test him during the night to "catch" the lows that he sometimes has around 1 AM.  His diet is good and we count CARBS to help maintain his food intake to balance the insulin that is getting three times a day (prior to breakfast, prior to dinner and prior to bed time).
Any help would be appreciated in finding a doctor or team in the New Jersey area.
We live in Marlton, NJ 08053
This is about 12 miles from Philadelphia, PA
Jim & Carol Woolf