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[IP] Who keeps things going? Please save this

Who are the Administrators for the Insulin Pumpers lists? How can we 
contact them?

People often wonder about the group behind the scenes. Here we are (in 
alphabetical order):

	Bob Burnett - email @ redacted
	Brian Carter - email @ redacted
	George Lovelace - email @ redacted
	Kasey Sikes - email @ redacted
	Kathleen Amper - email @ redacted
	Mary Jean Renstrom - email @ redacted
	Sam Skopp - email @ redacted
	Sue Tappendorf - email @ redacted

And of course:

	Michael Robinton, the "owner" of Insulin Pumpers - email @ redacted

But wait ...

There's also the Administrator for the IP lists we run in England:

	John Neale  - email @ redacted

And the Administrator of the IP Scandanavian lists:

	Eric Wold - email @ redacted

And finally, the Administrator for the German IP lists:

	Susanne (Susi) Nawath - email @ redacted

The Admins live in different parts of the country / world. There's often 
someone awake at Help@insulin-pumpers.org but sometimes we sleep <g> Please 
be patient when you send a message to the Help address. We monitor things 
frequently during the day when we are not at our paying jobs, or taking 
care of our families, or testing our BG and trying to figure out how many 
carbs were in that bodacious dessert we just had <g>

The Admins have families, children, siblings - like many of you. Many of us 
have diabetes, some have children with diabetes. We experience the same 
problems and frustrations that many of you do.

Many of us have full time jobs or attend school - we don't receive any pay 
for the work we do with IP - it's all volunteer work.

Some of us are good with computers, but less so with words. Some of us are 
good with words, but less so with computers. We're just like you <g>

Your patience and cooperation helps considerably. Please don't hesitate to 
write to any of the Admins with questions. Always feel free to send a note 
to Help@insulin-pumpers.org with a question. The List Administrator on Duty 
will do his / her best to help you out. Sometimes we're real quick with an 
answer. Sometimes you'll need to wait a bit - we won't forget you, though.

This family of ours has grown by over 1300 people in a little more than two 
years. It's an awesome group and an awesome responsibility.

Thanks to everyone for making it possible :-)
Bob Burnett

mailto:email @ redacted

Insulin Pumpers website http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/
for mail subscription assistance, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org