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Re: [IP] unused insulin rule

Ruth Schneider wrote:

> give me an example as to when you would do this.

I am cautious about avoiding hypos since I have hypo unawareness and I
feel yucky when I am high so I try to balance not being high very long
with not dropping bgs too far.

If I am 300 (non post-meal) I take 3 units (60 high bolus ratio, 100-130
target) to drop bg.  In an hour bg should have dropped to 240 and I
still have approximately 2 unis of unused insulin.  If bgs are still 300
I would take another unit (both would be shots cause I take a shot when
over 200-250 in case site is bad).

If I am 300 2 hours post-meal, I know I should be < 200 so I would take
1.5 units.  In a hour if bgs are still 300 I would expect to be under
150 and know that I still have 1 unit of unused insulin so I would take
1.5 units.


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