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Jack, I started on the Minimed 507 pump on Feb 1 this year. It would be
unthinkable to go back to shots. In June my wife and I did the the 20 hour
flight from Sydney to London to see our daughter and grandchildren who live
there. My bs's stayed on track so we were all able to enjoy dinner a few
hours after we arrived.  If only pumps had been available in Australia many
tears ago.  Even now the 'experts' here do not want to know about them.
Alan Reed.
From: 	Levi Kitchens[SMTP:email @ redacted]
Sent: 	15 August 1999 03:56
To: 	email @ redacted
Cc: 	John A. White
Subject: 	Insulin Pump

Alan, I hope by now you have your pump.  I am 61 years old; have had
diabetes 35 years. I got my Minimed 507c in July, 98.  It took a full year
for me to fully get used to pump, however, I do not ever want to go back to
shots.  After 35 years, I can eat anytime and anything!  My A1c is about 6.3
or it may be slightly lower.  This is only slightly better than with shots,
but now I routinely take more medicine when someone else suggests a desert,
or when I want a snack!  After 35 years, it's almost as though there is no
diabetes.  Mealtime is now when food is served. Please let me know if you
have any questions.  I now use only Lispro Insulin (Lily).

Jack Kitchens

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