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[IP] re: unused insulin/last time I promise

Official Unused Insulin Instructions, copied from my training handout:

The "insulin Used" rule considers how much insulin is still left in your body 
from your last bolus.  Using the assumption that Humalog is gone after 3 hrs, 
you calculate that 33% of the bolus is used each hour.  Hulalog is used at a 
rate of 33% per hour over 3 hours (very ballpark, according to Michael, but 
lots easier)

If you want to correct a high BG in between meals, you must take into 
consideration whether or not there is still any Humalog from previous bolas 
left on board.
1.  Determine how many hours have gone by since last bolus and this will tell 
you for how many hours you still have some humalog working.(ie if you assume 
it is gone in 3 hours and 2 hrs have already passed, you still have 33% of 
the bolus in your system).
2.  Multiply the percnetage of insulin left, by the toa=tal amoung of insulin 
you last bolused.  You now know the number of units still working in your 
body.  Subtract this number from the amount you calculated you needed for a 
high BG correction so you do not over correct.

Remember, this is only used for highs. (Don't do as I did at first and use it 
for each and every bolus!)
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