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[IP] it's o.k. to say period, and bringing down highs slowly can be fun

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] Overtreating Highs
> Jennifer wrote:
> > The other niight I ...was 45 then 400, 2 hours later.  Then I over
> > bolused and ended back at 50, 4 hours later....wondering if any women
> > get "messed" up with thier basals and boluses during Aunt Flo's
> > visit every month?

What's this sudden "Aunt Flo" business?  I feel like we're back in 8th grade.  The 2 weeks before I GET MY PERIOD, I crave carbs like a fiend AND am more insulin resistant.  Obviously, these 2 issues tend to compound one another.  I eat way more and take way more insulin, especially in the week prior to
the start of  my period, and like Sara, I crash the day it begins.  Suddenly, I'm running low because I've grown accustomed to bolusing more aggressively, etc.  I'm with Sara here--I'd love to see a pump that has 2 (or more) separate basal profiles to help accommodate for this change.  Push one button,
and my pre-menstrual rate appears.  Push another button to "go with the flow".  (No, I could not resist that.)  Hey, you MM and Dis engineers, get with the program!  :-)

> Even if I am 300 and I want to get to 100, I
> try to stretch the drop over several hours....  I used to slam that
> 300 down with 4 units of V (1 unit lowers me about 60 points)...now I will do
> 1.5 units...then 2 hours later another 1.5 units...and usually another hour
> or so later, I am back to where I needed to be on only 3 units.   sara

I've been using temp. basal rates to do this same thing.  If I'm over 250 I often take a small bolus, then program a higher basal for the next few hours.  I have really impressed myself with some tricky overnight corrections!  Very satisfying to go to bed with a b.g. of 235, having done your little basal
rate trick, and wake up at 110.  I also find that I feel less of that yucky post-high stuff (headache, lethargy, nausea, etc.) when I use this method.  I don't know if docs recommend this.  I just made it up, and it works for me.


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