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[IP] school starting for new pumpers

we began pumping during the last week of school in june and
accidentally...(long story, but had to do with our training session) we were
NOT on an even 0.3 basal for the 24 hr. period.

consequently,  we never really got a handle on geneva's basals for the
school time.

she rollerblades, bikes or walks the 1 mile to school and of course has the
P.E., recesses and the trip back home.

since we have stopped swimming and are pretty complacent for this last few
weeks of summer  (can you tell....we are on the computer constantly!!!)  I
am wondering what percent we should 'decrease' our basals for the new school

is there a start back to school rule of thumb that we should adhere to ?

also...how often should geneva test her blood at school?  every three hours?
she was sooooo paranoid about going low last year that she tested
constantly.  now that she is more comfortable on the pump, and our daytime
levels are pretty even keel re: basals...should she just do before P.E.
tests,  prelunch tests and afternoon recess tests?


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