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Re: [IP] Re (IP) pump trainer (was... how do I become a CDE)

At 06:26 PM 8/17/1999 , you wrote:
><<Comments by email @ redacted ("John Jason Horohoe
>(University)") at 8/17/99 12:05 pm
>I was trying to find out info on becoming a pump trainer. I am already a
>registered nurse, but not a CDE. If anybody has any info please let me know.>>
>Contact a MiniMed or Disetronic rep, or contact either company.
>Barbara B.

Actually MM does not Allow anyone under a CDE to become Pump Trainers  (was 
told this by MM)  But Disetronic Does allow anyone to become a Trainer  but 
you would not be allowed to do as much as a CDE pump trainer (which 
Disetronic sends out a national Trainer for this).  I am getting trained on 
the 16th of Sept. for a pump trainer.

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