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Re: [IP] soccer/Chtp. 15 agreement

> Kevin disconnects during practice. We check him before. When in the
> past we have checked him afterwards we are floored! He is usually in
> the mid to high 300's. 
If you can fix this, he will feel better and play better. Lily checks 
at half time and will do an arbitrary best guess bolus to keep her 
bg's from rising. Usually a unit or two.  She does without insulin 
for a few hours afterwards unless she eats. This has not been a 
consistent pattern, only happened for about half a season. Recently, 
the rise has not occured and she's back to the pattern of a few years 
ago where the activity drops her bg's.  I suspect it may have to do 
with "competitive tension" when you're at the top of the league and 
must win to stay there. She gets a big bg rise before an important 
game that is make or break for championships. Now she just does a pre 
game bolus and that usually works. Pick-up games don't have that 
effect..... interesting!


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