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[IP] unused insulin + unused carb rule

> to clarify this for my simple mind,
> if you test at 1:00 and 2 hrs. later you are not down as much as you
> think you should be...you follow this protocol to boost your already
> given corrective bolus?
> give me an example as to when you would do this.  I was thinking
> that you just wait out the 3 hours (humalog) and then correct if you
> aren't down to a target zone.

a simple example - Humalog
example constraints -- food has unknown carb content, but is 
"standard" digestion time and not some high glycemic index stuff.

you start with bg = 100, eat and bolus for expected carb intake.

1 hour later bg = 250, expected = 150 (normal post prandial rise).

You would need insulin for the extra 100 points. This represents 40% 
of the expected rise based on 20% per hour. There should be a 
remaining 60% so an additional rise of 150 points is expected and 
insulin will be needed to bring it down --- this would be beyond the 
initial meal bolus which is working normally. Don't use this 
technique without understanding it as the result will be CrAsH and 
burn, or at least a little unexpected dip. Observe that the 
calculation is again an approximation and is done in much the same 
manner as unused insulin. The assumptions are that the food and 
insulin curves MATCH. This is not always a good assumption. Examples 
such as pizza, bolus must be extend a bunch, highly refined grains, 
make you high quick, then you dip, etc....
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