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[IP] soccer/Chtp. 15 agreement

Dear Jane,

My son Kevin plays soccer and thru this list I was helped on how to handle 
his unbelievable #'s afterwards.

He has been pumping since May...so it was new to us too.

Kevin disconnects during practice. We check him before. When in the past we 
have checked him afterwards we are floored! He is usually in the mid to high 
300's. Apparently he plays hard enough that his liver dumps the glucose ??? 
WE have learned NOT to correct this. After soccer, we make his basal rate to 
about 50% of the normal for 4 hours!  If he eats, we bolus as we normally 
would.  It has worked like a charm. We notice that 3 hours after playing, he 
is usually in the normal range. 

Hope this helps you.  If you do your own Chapter 15 Service agreement, can I 
see a copy of it? I would love to do that for him too. We have a 504 plan 
from lastyear, but he is so much more independent now.


Mom of Kevin, 11, dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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