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[IP] Re: cotton candy, carbs are not necessarily . . .

. . .created equal.  I know I have posted other things on here about the 
whole cotton candy thing . . .and yes I believe it is OK once in awhile for 
a little treat!! But I also disagree with what everyone is saying that a 
carb is a carb is a carb . . . I don't think this is necessarily true.  When 
taking insulin subcutaneously, even by a pump, there is no way that enough 
insulin can get into your bloodstream quickly enough to counteract really 
fast acting carbohydrates.  So if the point of tight control is to have as 
normal numbers as possiblem wouldn't this mean lower peaks after meals?  
Therefore, if you ate something that wasn't pure sugar (i.e. cotton candy) 
it would be absorbed more slowly and the insulin would have more chance to 
work before causing a really high bg. whereas pure sugar would make the bg 
go up higher . . .i don't know.  I still think that treats are cool 
sometimes . . .because life is too short to deprive yourself!!! I just don't 
want people out there to start eating tons of sugar because they can . . .of 
course you all probably eat really healthy diets anyway . . .so just put up 
with my ranting . . .  :)  ---wishing you all great blood sugars!!! --Gianna

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>Date: Tue, 17 Aug 1999 20:47:20 EDT
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><< Other than you're talking about your life, or that of someone you love,
>  maybe more than yourselves?????  One minute of pleasure?  For what?  You 
>  ANY kid can't live without
>   cotton candy?  Excuse me?)  Who are you kidding ???  Yourselves?
>  Get real - diabets kills in the most horrible way - a little at a time -
>  your eyes, your kidneys,
>  your feet!  Don't you KNOW that?
>  Jane >>
>  Jane, Jane, Jane,
>Calm down.  We're not discussing cotton candy at one meal, we are 
>having it once in a while.  And since it is only about 15 carbos, its no
>different from a slice of bread or an apple.  After all, a carbo is a 
>right?  Not exactly something for a balanced diet, but no reason to skip it
>altogether either.
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