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RE: [IP] Re (IP) Type 1 and 2--antibodies

If both GAD and IA-2 are tested, I think it predicts about 90% of those at
risk for future development of Type I.  This is not to say that if you are
negative for both, you have no chance for developing IDDM.

They are mainly used for predictive value rather than after the fact.  I
question whether they stay around after you have developed the disease or
not.  Since they are antibodies to the islet cells as antigens,  I don't
know if they persist after they have done their dirty work.

My guess would be that the level of antibody present gradually decreases. I
need to find out if they are antibodies of the IgG class which persists
forever and would kick back in if presented with similar antigen in the
future or of the IgM class which are formed upon being subjected to the
antigen for the first time and are the first line of defense when antibodies
are formed for good reasons.  I will see what I can find out and report

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