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Re: [IP] unused insulin rule

>  Michael, is this similar to what you would suggest?

Stanford's example is a straight line linear approximation. Humalog 
is actually more linear in the first 2 hours and tails off rapidly 
thereafter. Take a look at the package insert.... there is a graph in 
their that shows the activity level or look at:


The important thing is not so much which model works better, but that 
the calculation is done AT ALL and the unused insulin is accounted 

There is, of course, the flip side of this. When there is a high, if 
caught before bg's exceed 200 - 250, the same calculation can be done 
to determine what will be needed for UNUSED CARBS (more accurately 
un-digested). The same approximations hold pretty well in predicting 
how much additional glucose will be pumped into the blood by looking 
at the rise in bg vs what you could predict using the inverse method 
of calculating unused insulin, leaving allowance for normal 
post-prandial rise in bg's.

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