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Re: [IP] carb count of movie popcorn

> anyone know?
> is it same as 18 cho per 3 cups of airpopped at home?
> geneva going to movie in an hour and she is bringing a 1 cup measure
> so she can bolus. there must be a better way.
It's roughly the same. Simply ask for a "water" cup at the movies and 
use if for a measuring scoop. Usually you get a 7 oz cup, you can 
probably tell by looking, or measure it once and remember for the 
next trip. Same thing works for restruants. Usually water glasses 
there come only in 8 or 12 oz size and can be used to measure things 
like rice, noodles, potatoes, etc.... until she gets good enough to 
eyeball them directly. Took Lily about 2-3 years to get pretty good 
at looking at food like rice and noodles and knowing the 'amount' 
fairly accurately. Maybe it's age rather than length of time, don't 
know as I only have one example to draw my conclusions from.
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