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[IP] unused insulin rule

Stanford taught us to use this rule whenever correcting for a high.  Divide 
last bolas by 3 (H takes 3 hrs. to be used up) or 6 (gives you 1/2 hrs.)  
Subtract how much you've used from this: if 1 hr. past your last bolas, you 
have 2 hrs. left.  Divide how many points high (past your target) you are by 
your sensitivity factor to see how much insulin you need to correct.  If 
there is enough unused insulin left, you do not have to bolas.  If you  need 
more than is unused, subtract unused from what you need.  T his keeps you 
from over-correcting.  It is very exact, we use it daily.  Hope it helps.  
Michael, is this similar to what you would suggest?
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