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[IP] Some speculation and some questions.

List members,
I am curious about some information that I came across quite by accident.
I would like to know more details if anyone has it or can get it.

Five or six months ago I was reading the diabetes list, run by Dr. Rolla.
I happened to read a post from someone with a MiniMed pump.  He/she stated
that he/she had been having a lot of trouble with "No Delivery" alarms and
had called MiniMed for assistance.  They had him try a couple of checks and
then said they though it might be that the syringe plunger might be
sticking or dragging. This additional resistance to motion would trip the
"No Delivery" alarm on the pump and (effectively) shut down delivery of

Being a Mechanical Engineer my mind began to go over the details of insulin
delivery and recent problems I had experienced with my MM507.  I had been
getting about four "No Delivery" per month recently.  In addition I had
been having trouble with unexpected and unexplained highs.  My control
seemed very unstable and I could not find out why.  I had questioned
MiniMed about this and they recommended that I twist and stroke the plunger
before filling it.   This was to "distribute the lubricant" they said.  I
followed their instructions and the "No Delivery" problem persisted.

When I heard that MiniMed had verified that they had a pump supply problem
that affected the operation of the pump I walked into my closet and looked
with distrust on the reservoirs I had.  I opened a couple of them but could
not tell if they were good or bad (if they were resistant to plunger
movement).  I called MiniMed and asked that they replace most of the
reservoirs -- and they agreed.  I didn't throw away the questionable
reservoirs hoping that I could find the lot numbers or batch numbers that
MiniMed had determined were bad and then throw away those.

Does anyone know if MiniMed has published the lot numbers or batch numbers
of the questionable reservoirs?  I have never seen any "Official" MiniMed
correspondence that defines the problem.  Has anyone seen any information?
I can understand that MiniMed would be unwilling to publicly put themselves
"on report".  I believe that they are treating this like the auto companies
treat manufacturing defects in cars.  They wait until somebody complains
and then quietly fix it for the complainer.  That is speculation on my
part.  I don't KNOW that.  It does look that way though.

By the way, after switching to the reservoirs MiniMed sent me as
replacements the "No Delivery" alarms have been markedly reduced.  They
still happed but less frequently and my BG control seems more consistent
with expected values. It would be nice to know what was done to correct the
"No Delivery" problem.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted

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