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[IP] Re: your profile and your pumping child

Hi Bill,

In your profile to the Insulin Pumpers, you stated that  < <<I want to
know the experiences of other parents of young, diabetic, pumping

My 11 yr old wears a pump and uses the Silhouette infusion set.  It is a
little scary to look at, but once in it is so comfortable.  I wore one
for a few days prior to her hookup and didn't realize I had anything
on.  I am not here to knock Softsets, as I know many people are very
successful with them, but it seems a lot of children or thinner adults
experience discomfort with them.  We insert the silhouette at about a
15-20 degree angle (not the 45 degrees as stated in some literature),
numb the skin first with an otc medication called EMLA creme, and she is
off and running for 3 days.

I don't know what set you are using, but experimenting and hearing from
other people is a good start.  People are different so it is a good idea
to gather all the info you can, test things yourself, and come to your
own conclusions.

I wish you and your daughter all the best.  Pumping has been the best
thing to happen to our family since the onset of Erica's diabetes.  Life
is spontaneous again, schedules are out the window, and we love seeing
those great blood sugars and greatly improved A1c's.  Feel free to
e'mail us if you want.

Barb....Erica's mom

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