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RE: [IP] how much of a bg rise

> As per Michael:
> You might consider teaching them to calculate unused insulin so they
> can test in 1 to 1 1/2 hours and see if they are on the right track
> and modify the dose accordingly. My daughter has managed to whittle
> this down to about 30 - 45 minutes when she's high and can bring her
> bg's to target when high very quickly. email @ redacted
> I wish you would teach me to caluculate unused insulin so I can tell
> if I am way off ahead of time. 

There is a section in Pumping Insulin I believe. These are the 
guide lines I use.

For Humalg.
Assume roughly linear absorbtion for the first hour or so for entire 
dose based on a peak time of 2 hours.  This implies that bg's should 
come down about 20% every 30 minutes. That is an absorbtion of 80% in 
2 hours -- My best estimate is that it is more like 70%, but YMMV -- 
close enough. The remaining "tail" is absorbed over the next 1 1/2 
hours based on the curves for humalog.

For Regular insulin or Velosulin, it is more like 10% every 30 
minutes for 4 hours.  

With normal bg's, the "tail" is usually not noticeable and is only 
important if bg's have been low as it will generally drive them lower 
in a manner you would not expect. It is also enough to bring down a 
post-prandial "mild" high of 150+

For very LARGE boluses, I have observed an insulin pooling effect 
that initially slows absorption so the first half hour may be much 
less than anticipated, but catches up quickly thereafter.

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