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RE: [IP] "newcomers without a clue"

Of course, we can figure out how to send a post.  Most of us sending with
old message attached were just victims of our e-mail program setup.  A
gentle instruction for newcomers is all we might need to get it right.

Having just started with the pump August 3 and today making 2 weeks, there
have been many new things to learn and adjust.  I was grasping for the most
information I could find in a short period of time to come up to speed on
the pump.  I didn't have the benefit of knowing anyone else on the pump.
This list has been excellent and has made the last two weeks much more
enjoyable knowing I'm not alone!

I will be the first to admit I had no clue about the correct way to post or
that I was doing anything wrong.  I only found this site after web surfing
for awhile.  I immediately registered and the next thing I know, 100's of
e-mails were hitting my system.  I have had the luxury of time to weed
through and select those of the most interest, but in many cases have read
every word I could get my hands on.  Already have many things under control
with the help of a little instruction for others.

I will also admit that I may be a little tense these days.  I tend to take
many things people say lately the wrong way.  I have been so focused on
getting basals right, correcting the crazy rises I seem to start getting
around midnight and all through the night, the morning highs and not knowing
rather to add supplemental or stay high to see if the basal amount is
correct.  So don't take everything I say to heart.  I just feel slightly
stressed now and took offense at seeing my name listed as an offender and
being "Clueless" about yet one more thing concerning this pump.

Just pull me aside (email direct) the next time and clue me in.

That's all I would ask is that rather than be made an example of to others
and embarrassed in the process since new to this list and chat room types
scenarios, that someone just drop me a line and say "By the way, did you
know some of us get this in digest form and the extra print makes it a bear
to get through it all".

Susan S.

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