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[IP] is it just me?

Leanne writes:
> How come noone else complains about this?

maybe I am the only person it bothers.  Maybe I am the only person who 
doesn't have hours of free time to "surf the net"   Maybe I am the only one 
with compromised vision that makes reading difficult at best, but since I DO 
get useful information from IP, I continue to do it.

Maybe I am the only one with the cajones to say something about it.  

Of course, anyone who wanted to, and who isn't on the digest version has 
already deleted this message thanks to the appropriate subject line and not 
read it...

and just to stay within the rules and make all posts diabetes/pump 
related...I just sent my 507 back to MNMD cuz I thought the light seemed 
rather dim.  They sent me a replacement overnight, with a much brighter 
light, and are looking at mine to see what is wrong with it...

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