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[IP] more on a boring subject


> Sara, I'm sorry if having my HTML turned on caused you difficulty 
> but it was an innocent mistake. 

Sigh...this was not meant as a personal attack, and I hope you and everyone 
else who is pissed knows that...I have, in the past, written to several 
people off-line and asked them if I could help...that is my aim - to help 
-not infuritate...I am not an admin, and don't have the "responsibility" or 
"right" to do it - I just want to help, as i don't think I am the only one 
who has a problem with it.  

> when I first joined...I was very new to the computer world. I didn't 
> have a clue about HTML's or much else. At that time I received a very 
> friendly message from someone here explaining to me what happened 

it very well could have been me that sent it...my recent post was not meant 
to piss people off, but draw their attention to the problem, which it 
obviously has...as the evil guy in Dilbert says after he incites a riot, "my 
work here is done."

Maybe people in general need to remember this is a written forum and develop 
thicker skins.  You can't "hear" tone of voice, or "see" tongues in cheeks."  
If you take things too personally, you set yourself up for disappointment 
with the list, as everyone is entitled to their opinions (even if they are 
WRONG---that is a joke and not directed at any one person in particular)

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