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[IP] a carb is a carb is a carb

and by any other name would still taste so sweet...(to mis-quote the Bard)

whether your carbs come in the form of pure glucose (cotton candy) or in some 
complex starch (rice), or even simple carb (banada), it all boils down to the 
same thing.  You will need i unit of nsulin to cover X carbs whether in one 
form or another...then you add in the variables like fat and protein and 
fiber that make calculating more difficult.  Personally, i think the ideal 
"diabetic" diet would be nothing but carbs...easy to adjust insulin, no 
lingering fat...in and out and back to normal...I ma not ADVOCATING that of 
course, but just making a point. And those nasty "dietetic" foods are 
useless...they give you diareha and taste bad and have just as many carbs as 
the "real" thing!  It makes me laugh when people say honey is better for you 
than white sugar..."oh there is no sugar in my healthy granola...it has honey 
and raisins..."  please give me a break!

When I was 12, my doctor asked me what I ate for breakgfast.  I said "12 
vanilla wafers, a popsicle, a spoon of peanut butter and some icecream.  He 
freaked - starting doing his hissy dance, then I explained that I had 2 bread 
exchanges, a fruit exchange, a meat, a milk and a fat to play with.  In the 
ADA approved book that his dietician gave me, 12 vanilla wafers equalled 2 
bread exchanged.  The froze fruit (or whatever brand it was) was equal to a 
fruit exchange, and the ice cream came out of the Jenny Jones diabetic cook 
book and was equal to one milk exchange, and the peanut butter equalled the 
meat and fat exchanges.  Surely not the most nutritious breakfast, but it met 
every one of the guidelines set down in the book.

Do I think if I had had an egg, a bowl of shredded wheat with milk and a 
glass of orange juice instead, would my eyes be any better off?  no.  It was 
not really my eating that was the problem, it was the fact that I didn't test 
my blood sugars.  

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