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[IP] Re: school & testing

Just a quick note about kids on the pump and testing at school.

 I spoke to my daughter's school and learned something that I had not
read about anywhere. I contacted the Pupil Services Department (large
public school) and asked them about wanting my daughter to be able to
test in school - not in the nurse's office (which she HATES to do). I
work for the district which allowed me easy access to an administrator.
When I told the director what I wanted - she said - "No Problem! - you
want a Chapter 15 Service Agreement." I simply have to write a letter
describing what I want and why. This letter will be processed through
Pupil Services as an accommodation and will then go to her guidance
counselor who will notify the teachers. I never had to get involved with
the nurse or people in the high school who may not really understand the
situation!! No IEP or 504 (but I did mention them). I hope this all
works out as simply as it sounds. The nurse will flip!!!! We will find
out........ but I just wanted to mention this Chapter 15 Service Agreement.

Also......if you have a child in school, you may want to ask the nurse
or principal if any of the staff are diabetic or if their kids are. I
work at a Middle School and since my daughter (16) was diagnosed last
August I am so much more aware of children who have diabetes and their
needs, but I don't always know who they are!  I would be happy to be a
support or "on call" person for a child with diabetes in the school -
maybe an option for some of you who are so concerned about kids going to
Middle School. My daughter knows a teacher in her high school who is
diabetic and wears the pump....she talks to him occasionally and I know
they can relate to each other in this aspect of their lives!

I am relatively new to this list but wanted to tell you all how helpful
you have been to me and consequently to my daughter - pumping since
July! Annie was doing really well but currently we are trying to work
out soccer practices (2 a day) which has been our biggest challenge so
far!!!!! We have NEVER seen numbers like these!!! I am learning patience
like never before!!!

Jane McConnell Greenspun
email @ redacted
Haverford Middle School Coordinator of Technology Services
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