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Re: [IP] saundra & deborah


Thanks for being patient. A backhoe severed our connection to cyber space
and IP land yesterday morning. Then when it was fixed, my son's scout leader
call and told us two boys canceled on a BWCA canoe trip and he was next in
line, he needed to be packed and  ready in 24 hours. Well, a trip to the

I know waking up at 220 is wrong and we are working on this. 220 is better
than when she was on MDI, she was in the high 200 and 300's, we tried
everything and it didn't work. If we gave her more N at bedtime she was low
at 3a.m. If we gave her more H at bedtime, she was low at 11p.m. Every night
we would have to check her at 3a.m. to see what her bgs were.  This is one
of the major reason Eve is on the pump. When on the pump Eve was getting low
in the  mid afternoon this is our first priority since she don't always feel
them. People here have made some suggestions, which we will try.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
DXed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99
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Date: Monday, August 16, 1999 12:41 AM
Subject: [IP] saundra & deborah

>Hope I got the names write...
>I'd try up the basal for a shorter period of time.  I.e. maybe it needs to
>be higher than it is now, but terminated at 6 am....
>If the basal is right the sugar should never have a chance to rise that
>high, so whether a 220 occurs at a waking time or not, it's wrong....
>I realize without attaching this to your original post this might be
>confusing, but  I am fighting my email program at the moment.  Let me know
>if you understand!
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