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[IP] Grape Nuts

Ted and Maria were talking about the varbs in Grape Nuts and the density of 
the cereal which is important to remember with this cereal in particular.  I 
think 1/4 cup is considered a serving...a QUARTER CUP???who eats a 1/4 cup of 
ANY cereal...


I think Nita wrote that Jessica's favorite cereal was Grape Nuts "O"s which 
are far less dense than regular grapenuts...more like a brown, crunchy 
cheerios.  I have had them and I think a serving is more like a cup or 
something.  It is far less dense, and there is virtually NO fiber in it!.  It 
must be General Mills ploy to attrack more consumers - the kids tend to shy 
away from Grape Nuts - it is their grandma's cereal...and I avoid htem, cuz I 
need more than a 1/4 cup to fill me up, evn if they are dense as pine trees

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