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Re: [IP] Mom's back to school jitters

> I'll find out more about the nurses credentials later this week when
> I bring expired Glucagon kits to the school to let her practice
> mixing and drawing it back up and getting rid of the bubbles.  I
> have contemplated a simulated collapse and seizure and then rise and
> say " JUST KIDDING :-)." 

The scenario you are preparing for has a vanishingly small 
probabality of occuring. You might profit more by drumming in the 
importance of immediate treatment and recognition of your son's low 
symptoms. This is classroom stuff that the teachers have to look for. 
Under standard school policy, the first thing they do is send a kid 
who needs any kind of medical assistance off to the nurses office 
"BY THEMSELVES" which is a big no-no as we know. It took me some time 
to get our school to wake up and remind Lily to treat her lows as 
they occured. Talking with the teachers one on one helped a lot in 
getting them to understand that it was better to deal with problems 
immediately. Part of her 504 plan states that she is not to be sent 
anywhere when in medical distress without some one with her. The 
"LETTER" that I give to each of the teachers seem to be very 
effective in scaring the c--p out of them so they pay attention. 

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